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Foundation Course Bodyspin - in person Zimbabwe

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   Nov 2023

Foundation Course Bodyspin - Online

2 Weekends: 11/12 & 18/19 Nov

At 10:00-17:00 pm UK time

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Life Alignment, Module 1 - in person/ Online

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Life Alignment, Module 2 - in person/Online

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  Life Alignment Practitioner

and Teacher

Sound Healing Practitioner

I practice in St Leonard’s on Sea, East Sussex, Uk

Sessions are also available over zoom

TELEPHONE: 07707087619




Life Alignment

Life Alignment Therapy is a healing system that addresses all aspects of life and has its roots in quantum physics, neuroscience, biology, psychology and spiritual development. Your body holds the memory of everything that you have ever felt and not processed. Life Alignment helps us to tune in to the signals that our body gives us, and works holistically to align your mind, body and spirit and leads to insights which enables us to recognise what is holding us back, release old patterns and clear issues held in the tissue, allowing us to feel balanced, centred, liberated, alive, aligned.

Everything you need, to transcend your trauma and your history and blossom into the joyful, authentic person you really are, is already there in you.

Life Alignment helps people, through personal development, to create a life of power, love, forgiveness, health and abundance.




Sound Healing

Sound Healing restores balance and harmony to the body in a gentle and natural way using intention for healing, voice, music and sound. Healing vibrations repair flow, in the energy field, and restores our natural frequency. The gentle combination of sound, silence and holding allows remembering, deeply held in cellular consciousness, to rise in us. The rhythms of reflection bring us back to who we truly are.


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